Look up to the sky tonight: Glowing pink sunset, sunrise predicted with arrival of Oz dust cloud

Tiny particles of red Australian dust heading towards our shores could make for some glowing pink skies over New Zealand tonight.

A massive dust storm, at one point around 400 kilometres wide and 1100 kilometres long, is being pulled across the Tasman towards New Zealand's west coast.

Kiwi's between Hokitika and Farwell Spit may notice fine brown dust in the air this evening.

Originally from the interior of Queensland and Victoria, the added pollution may add a pink hue to any clear patches in this evening's cloud cover.

Northwest winds may also move the fine dust into areas from South Taranaki to Wellington in time to create a rosy sunrise on Friday morning.

Any rain forming as the front passes over the Southern Ocean could thin out the dust cloud.

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The massive dust storm turned Sydney’s skies orange before sweeping over the Tasman Source: 1 NEWS