London's Westminster council bans new homes larger than 150sqm - should Auckland follow suit?

In Westminster, London, they’re banning new mega mansions in order to free up room for more affordable and modest homes.

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Auckland Council’s design champion talks to Breakfast about banning mega mansions to free up room for more modest and affordable homes. Source: Breakfast

Should Auckland follow suit?

Auckland Council's design champion Ludo Campbell-Reid talked to TVNZ's Breakfast about whether Auckland could or should follow the lead of Westminster City Council in banning new homes larger than 150 square metres.

“You could introduce this in Auckland, but you’d get marched out of town,” Mr Campbell-Reid said. 

He said he can understand the need to restrict the amount of land people build on as cities around the world are going through quite a similar thing.

"If I said congestion, if I said affordable housing and housing crisis – Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver, Melbourne and London, we are all facing the same issues.”

Reid says he believes it is critical to think about how we can live more efficiently and more densely, as it affects the future of our planet.