London pop-up helps showcase the best of New Zealand wine

A garage in the London suburb of Brixton is an unlikely place to find a New Zealand wine showcase, but people are flocking to Mel Brown's pop-up shop for a taste of their favourite Kiwi tipple.

Tucked away in a corner of London is the New Zealand Wine Cellar, the brainchild of Mel Brown. Source: 1 NEWS

The outlet first opened last year, and now features 1500 bottles of New Zealand wine from 65 producers.

A decade ago Brown was working with renowned Kiwi chef Peter Gordon at Providores, where people loved the taste of New Zealand wine but did not know where to buy it.

"I literally woke up and thought, I'm going to open an NZ wine shop," she says.

"And so I did online first and then the opportunity arose to get into a pop-up in Brixton."

Thanks to a two-week crowd funding blitz, with support from the Kiwi wine industry, the New Zealand Wine Cellar opened, and now has three full time staff and part-timers.

The project seems to be working for Brown, and New Zealand producers keen to sell their wine.

"It's given a nice transition for companies to have a contact here in London and break into the market," Georgia Giesen of Giesen Winery says.