Lomu's own family claim responsibility for disappearing grave decorations

It appears Jonah Lomu's own family may be responsible for the disappearance of decorations from his grave – not thieves.

Decorations left by Lomu’s sons have been taken from his grave. Source: 1 NEWS

ONE News understands both Nadene and the Lomu family visited the Manukau Memorial Gardens today where there was a disagreement between the parties about the decorations.

A Facebook post by the late rugby legend's widow Nadene Lomu today claimed decorations left at the grave by Jonah's two sons Brayley and Dhyreille had been repeatedly removed.

"It saddens me that our sons' things they choose for you keep being taken off and taken away from your place of rest," she wrote.

"A child's love is innocent and pure, I know you wouldn't be happy they are being hurt, not just once, not just twice, not even three or four times but more.

Symbolic of love and peace, the doves were released from the field of Eden Park. Source: 1 NEWS

"How upsetting it is seeing their gifts of love for you keep being removed since you departed this earth."

To my sister in law I know you would be upset that we took down your decorations - Sela Lomu

However on Wednesday Jonah's sister Sela had posted a message to her own Facebook page, in which she addresses Nadene Lomu directly - claiming the decorations were removed so that soil could be added to the top of the grave.

"To my sister in law I know you would be upset that we took down your decorations on Sunday and that I had rearranged it prior to that… we had approached the cemetery people to top up our brother's grave as you would have seen it sinking below ground level…"

She goes on to say they had to be removed by Tuesday for the ground crew to do its job.

Auckland Council has confirmed it did not move any items on the grave, but Sela Lomu has also put up photographs showing a man tending to the site, and what appears to be a new layer of soil on top Jonah's grave.

Source: 1 NEWS

Sela Lomu says she was forced to put up a post about the decorations being moved, after Nadene "kindly unfriended the family from both you and our brother's page."