'Logs crashing against the rocks' - Titahi Bay resident describes tremendous noise caused by Cyclone Gita during the night

A Titahi Bay local has described the tremendous noise Cyclone Gita generated when it hit the Porirua overnight.

"There were huge logs crashing against the rocks, that was the noise that was coming in," restaurant owner, Mauricio Torrealba said.

The coastal road between Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay was slammed by the storm and sea. Source: 1 NEWS

Part of State Highway One between Pukerua and Paekakariki was forced to close due to the destructive high tide.

The surge, rain and wind of the storm made a big noise throughout the night that Mr Torrealba described as a "scary moment". 

"You finally get to sleep...a little bit anyway" he said. 

The ex-tropical Cyclone moved across the country last night leaving a mess and many people without sleep. Source: 1 NEWS