'This lockdown is a joke' - Dr Lance O'Sullivan slams Kiwis who are still flouting rules

New Zealand is now one week into the nationwide lockdown and there's concern some Kiwis are still flouting the rules.

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The Northland-based health campaigner says there are far too many people out and cars on the roads. Source: Breakfast

Beachgoers were lured outside with good weather yesterday, including a group of surfers in Dunedin who were ordered out of the water by police.

Northland-based health campaigner Dr Lance O’Sullivan, a former New Zealander of the Year, says the safety messages aren't sinking in.

“This is not what a lockdown's about. There's far too many people, far too many cars on the roads,” said Dr O’Sullivan.

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Some Dunedin surfers had to be reminded that the lockdown isn't a holiday. Source: 1 NEWS

“This is not a lockdown, this is a joke.”

So far, four people have been arrested for breaching restriction and 14,000 breaches have been reported to the police 105 website.