Locals riled up after Kaipara College becomes zoned

Locals in Auckland's north west are up in arms after a previously un-zoned high school has been closed off to a significant part of the community.

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The school in north west Auckland is now closed off to a significant part of the community. Source: Seven Sharp

From next year Kaipara College in Helensville will have a home zone, to prevent overcrowding.

Enrolments have swelled at the college in recent years.

"Just a few years ago we had 550 students, next year it will be 800-plus, causing pressure on us," the college's principal Steve McCracken says.

Mr McCracken explained why the zoning decision needed to happen.

"It's to control our rate of growth to experience that amount of growth is a huge tax on resources, we have to be able to provide the resources for our kids."

However, the move has angered some residents who say it's just another reason to give them their own truly local high school.

"My oldest is 31 and we needed a high school then. Another son who is 22 also went to school in the area, no high school, and we're in the same boat again with our nine-year-old." Tania Killeen-Noy says.

Local MP Chris Penk is asking for the decision to be reversed.

"I'd call on the Education Minister to step in and reverse the decision until we get the school that we need."