Local rugby players clear dozens of Westport homes of flood-damaged carpets

A group of rugby players dubbed the Moist Movers have cleared flood-damaged carpet from dozens of Westport homes after the recent floods.

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The group are calling themselves the moist movers. Source: 1 NEWS

The group of players gave themselves the Moist Movers nickname.

“Everyone responded, and it sort of warms the heart a little bit, doesn't it?” Andrew Duncan said.

The rugby players got together on a Sunday night when local legend Craig Adams got a few blokes around to help with flood damage at his place.

“We've done 14 houses yesterday, and I think we're at 20 at the moment,” Adams said.

“I suppose most of us got pretty moist when we first started and thought, you know, that's a lovely word - moist.”

Local rugby players - dubbed the 'Moist Movers' - helping remove flood-damaged carpets in Westport, in the West Coast. Source: 1 NEWS

For the homeowners, it’s an enormous help, allowing them to dry out their properties.

“We'd be here for a good day doing this, but jeez, the boys have got it done in about 20 minutes. It's unreal,” homeowner Dave Hall said.

The movers are loving every moment along the way.

“There are guys from all different rugby clubs, which is the special thing about it - boys coming together for a good cause,” Duncan said.

Hall said their efforts “all gets paid back".

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Westport's 'Moist Movers' mucking in to remove flood-damaged carpets

“Once we get done, we'll try and help someone else if we can,” he said.