Local council 'disappointed' Norfolk pines poisoned along Napier waterfront

A group of Norfolk pine trees have been poisoned on the Napier City waterfront.

Napier City Council staff say they were "disappointed" to find that 10 of the eight year old pines planted alongside State Highway 2 between Marine Parade and Awatoto have been poisoned.

In a statement the council says the pines were poisoned a few weeks ago, but the effects have just been noticed now.

They say drill holes where the poison was inserted are "clearly visible on some of them".

"We don’t understand why anyone would want to do this. In an area that can often look quite barren, it’s a welcome sight to see a bit of green alongside this main thoroughfare, and this type of tree is an iconic part of Napier," says Debra Stewart, Team Leader Parks, Reserves & Sportsgrounds. 

The council says about eight years ago several trees in virtually the same location were chopped down.

The Napier City Council is asking for anyone with information about who may have poisoned the pines, or sees any suspicious behaviour related to trees on public land to get in touch as soon as possible.

Norfolk pine on Napier waterfront. Source: Supplied