Living the dream: YouTube star Louis Cole arrives in NZ as he travels the world

YouTube star Louis Cole, also known as FunForLouis, is currently in the country as he circumnavigates the world in a tiny, four seater, plane.

Louis is planning to hit 22 countries over the course of just 90 days, whilst filming the whole thing for an upcoming documentary.

Speaking to 1 NEWS, Louis said the film is all about showcasing how similar humans across the world are.

"Something I'm passionate about is showing the diversity of different cultures around the world, being able to celebrate those cultures and show that we are all kind of connected in some way, even though there’s a lot of division," he said.

While in Auckland, he's planning to interview someone about Maori culture, and its significance to New Zealanders.

"It's exciting, it's good to do this, and it's good to include people on this adventure as well," Louis says.

However, it's not all smooth flying, Louis' next big challenge is fast approaching.

The next major stop is in North America, meaning he and his pilot, Juan-Peter "JP" Schulze, are going to have to make a daring trip over the Pacific Ocean.

They'll complete the journey in a series of shorter legs.

"Hawaii to California is 15 to 17 hours of flying, in one go which is going to be tricky cos we haven't got a toilet on board the plane," Louis says.

"My nightmare situation is a 'number two', it hasn't happened yet but we're going to take those tablets that block you up inside because that would be horrific."

Louis and JP are set to complete their journey in just a few weeks time with the finished documentary hitting screens next year.

- By Andrew Macfarlane