No arrests at Auckland TPP protests, cops happy with conduct of officers

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement has been signed at Sky City in Auckland this morning, amid large protests in the central city.

5pm: Detective Superintendent Richard Chambers has just spoken about the large police operation in central Auckland today.

He says there were no arrests made and several hundred officers were involved.

Breakfast's weatherman Sam Wallace captured the movement of the TPP protesters via his phone. Source: 1 NEWS

He is aware of images circulating of protesters potentially being treated with a heavy hand by officers but says he is confident they operated appropriately to stop people from running onto on-ramps and putting themselves and others at risk. 

"There have been thousands of people in the city, many of those people were there to voice their thoughts on TPP," he said.

"The vast majority of those people have been law abiding and we've worked with them to allow them to voice their thoughts. I'm very disappointed there were a group among them who chose to disrupt traffic."

He says officers were abused, had their clothing and hats pulled, but displayed "outstanding professionalism".

Dunedin protester speaks out against controversial trade pact saying NZers will have no rights. Source: 1 NEWS

4.10pm: Protests have taken place around New Zealand today. Here is an update from Dunedin.

The historic trade agreement has been signed, and hundreds of protesters are voicing their disapproval. Source: 1 NEWS

3.10pm: ONE News reporter Matt McLean, who is outside the SkyCity Grand Hotel, says an organiser just walked past encouraging protesters to leave the area.

Not many people seem to be taking their advice. 

2.40pm: A large number of people from several iwi groups have gathered at Victoria Park, and are set to get on buses and head for Waitangi.

Protesters continue to voice their disapproval after the signing of the controversial TPP. Source: 1 NEWS

"The world is watching the hikoi today, whanau," one of them says. 

ONE News reporter Jessica Mutch was in amongst the TPP protest march in Auckland's CBD. Source: 1 NEWS

The haka has been led by Ngapuhi

2.15pm: A massive group of protesters is gathered at the intersections of Victoria West St and Hobson St. 

Anti TPP protesters outside TVNZ Source: 1 NEWS

A group has performed a haka before the protest heads off towards Victoria Park. 

The transport agency says all motorway access points are open, but delays are still possible. 

1.55pm: Auckland Transport says protesters are blocking major intersections around lower Queen St, Albert St and Quay St. 

1.30pm: While numbers aren't confirmed, here is an idea of how many people were walking down Queen St.

1.20pm: ONE News reporter Jessica Mutch, who has been following the protests around central Auckland, says there are groups of people scattered around intersections in the CBD.

According to protest organisers, the hikoi that was travelling from Aotea Square to Britomart should have finished, and people involved in that march will be rejoining others outside SkyCity.

There is no official count of protest numbers yet.

Protesters in central Auckland Source: 1 NEWS

1.10pm: Here is the latest from the transport agency. In short, don't drive into central Auckland.

Anti TPP protesters outside Parliament Source: 1 NEWS

1pm: A few hundred protesters have assembled outside Parliament in Wellington.

12.34pm Cook Street off-ramp, Wellington Street on-ramp and Hobson Street on-ramp are all closed. 

12.26pm About 50 protesters are still sitting blocking Hobson Street going onto southern and northwestern motorways.

There is no traffic around as police are diverting cars further away to stop them bottlenecking at this juncture. 

12.21pm Protesters are making their way to Sky City. 

12.08pm A small group of protesters are lying down on the motorway. 

Protesters are marching against the signing of the TPP. Source: 1 NEWS

Chaotic scenes as police forcibly remove them. 

11.59am The Fanshawe Street on-ramp and off-ramp are both blocked. Cook Street and Nelson Street off-ramps are now open. 

Motorists are still advised to expect delays. 

11.56am All 12 world trade ministers have officially signed the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. 

Australia's Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb signs the TPP deal. Source: 1 NEWS

11.49am Australia's Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb has kicked off the signing. 

11.45am Prime Minister John Key has taken the stage at the signing, says he is "delighted" with the deal.

"New Zealand is proud to be involved in this whole process... I want to acknowledge the courage and vision of my fellow TPP leaders.

"It will enhance the prosperity of our people."

11.41am Back at Sky City, TPP signing formalities have commenced. 

11.39am Protesters are running to the intersection of Beaumont and Fanshawe Streets and are blocking traffic from every direction. 

A mum, a screaming kid and nowhere to go. She was one of many stopped in their tracks by today's protests. Source: 1 NEWS

11.28am Protesters are walking down Victoria Street, away from Sky City Convention Centre, where the signing is taking place. 

11.27am Meanwhile, delegates are filing into Sky City ahead of the TPP signing at 11.30am.

11.22am A steady stream of several hundred protesters are quickly making their way back down Nelson Street, parallel to Hobson Street, while chanting profanities directed at police. 

11.19am Protesters have been told they will be arrested if they don't move off the roads. 

11.11am Police have warned motorists about delays around the CBD due to "the actions of a small number of protesters".

Protesters have set up blockades in central Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

People are advised to avoid the Nelson Street motorway off-ramp and the Hobson Street motorway on-ramp. 

11.05am Protesters have now blocked five intersections, causing traffic chaos in the CBD.

Blocked intersections include Federal and Victoria Streets, Hobson and Wellesley Streets and Hobson Street motorway on-ramp. 

Auckland Council says this is a police matter, police say it's an Auckland transport matter. 

11.02am Motorists are expressing their concerns about traffic delays caused by the protests, including people trying to get to work.

Source: 1 NEWS

10.56am Police are reading a warning to protesters, urging them to move or they will be “forced” to move.

10.55am Protesters have forced the blockage of the Hobson Street motoway entrance. 

10.52am A scuffle has broken out between protesters and police at Hobson Street intersection.

10.51am ONE News reporter Jessica Mutch says "tension is building" between protesters and police.

10.45am "TPPA, no way" and "This is what democracy looks like" are just some of the chants from protesters at the Hobson Street barricade.

They have taken one collective step forward, placing themselves in very close proximity to the line of police. 

Protesters and police stand off at the Hobson Street motoway entrance. Source: 1 NEWS

10.37am Anti-TPP protesters have run to the end of Hobson Street near the motorway to reinforce a human barricade. 

10.29am Protesters have now blocked the intersection of Hobson and Wellesley Streets. 

The protests are taking place out Sky City were the deal is being signed. Source: 1 NEWS

Reporter Jessica Mutch is among the protesters. Source: 1 NEWS

10.15am Protesters have announced plans to create a human blockade to shut down Federal Street. Police presence is heavy. 

10.09am Police have shut down Albert Street.

TPPA protester confronts human shield of police officers outside Sky City. Source: 1 NEWS

9.52am Police presence is ramping up at Federal Street, next to Sky City. There are now 30 uniformed police outside the convention centre.

Around 100 protesters have gathered outside with drums.

Protesters gather outside Sky City. Source: 1 NEWS

9.48am Check out Te Karere reporter Pere Wihongi's live Facebook stream here straight from the Queen Street march. 

9.40am Over 500 chanting protesters are walking down Queen Street en route to Sky City. 

9.38am ONE News Now will be bringing you a live update of the TPP signing at 11.30am.

9.28am Protesters are filing into central Auckland, ahead of multiple protests outside Sky City and also on Queen Street.

Protesters in central Auckland are rallying against the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Source: 1 NEWS

The ministers represent 12 countries in the TPP agreement. Source: 1 NEWS


9am Trade ministers from the 12 participating countries have been welcomed with a powhiri.