Little on Slater's 'kill me' texts: 'We've all had dreams about this sort of stuff'

Labour leader Andrew Little has rejected claims by blogger Cameron Slater that Labour's Chief of Staff leaked hacked information to Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager.

Andrew Little Source: 1 NEWS

In a recently revealed text from Mr Slater to Prime Minister John Key, Mr Slater claimed Matt McCarten was involved in the hacking of his emails and Facebook messages.

Mr Little says Mr McCarten couldn't possibly have leaked the emails because he lacks computer skills.

"I spoke to him last night when the texts were revealed and I spoke to him again this morning and sought assurance that he had no connection to it whatsoever and he gave me that assurance," Mr Little said.

"I know Matt, and he's very talented in many ways, but computer skills is not one of them, he's one of the people, who I like very much, but he struggles to open his emails in the morning."

Mr Little laughed off Mr Slater's text message to Mr Key about a Labour attempt to kill him.

"As for the plot to kill, well you know, we've all played Cluedo, we've all had dreams about this sort of stuff it's fantasy land stuff, and it doesn't dignify any further response."

Mr Little also had another strong message for Mr Key who continues to deny misleading journalists and Parliament over the text message exchange with Mr Slater about the SIS report earlier in the week.

"Cut the crap, stop it, stop digging a hole, get yourself out of it admit the truth, tell everybody, we'll put a line under it and we'll all move on. He's better than this and New Zealand deserves better from their Prime Minister."

In a statement last night, Mr Key changed his, "no I did not communicate with Mr Slater", to a "yes I did communicate with Mr Slater".

He returned to Parliament yesterday, saying he misinterpreted the question, saying he thought it was referring to the Judith Collins inquiry and not the spy watchdog's report on the Dirty Politics scandal.

ONE News Political Editor Corin Dann says that was "a pretty big mistake".