Little kitten Diesel lucky to be alive after rescue from truck's engine on busy Auckland road

A little black-and-white kitten may have used up one of its nine lives after a lucky rescue from a truck's engine bay in Auckland.

Diesel the kitten was lucky to be rescued by an SPCA staff member. Source: Supplied

The eight-week-old kitten was uncovered when an SPCA staff member heard meowing coming from the truck stopped next to them on a busy road in Takanini.

After an investigation, they found the scared little kitten cowering in the truck's engine bay.

He was promptly rescued and taken to the SPCA in Māngere, where he was found to be miraculously uninjured.

"It's incredibly lucky he survived the trip," Jen Radich, SPCA's northern region general manager, said.

"We don't know where he came from or how he found himself in the engine bay of a truck."

Now dubbed Diesel for his adventurous origin story, the kitten is being cared for by an SPCA foster before he's ready to be rehomed.