'A little bit scary' - Kiwis finding it hard to switch off devices while taking time off work




Nearly three quarters of New Zealand workers who are always on their phones, even while on holiday, say it is a normal part of life.

Health and wellness advocate Makaia Carr says work/life balance is slowly slipping more towards work.
Source: Breakfast

Health and wellness advocate Makaia Carr, speaking on TVNZ1's Breakfast today, says it was "a little bit scary" that people are now so connected and accepting that this is the new norm.

"We've actually gotten to the point where we don't mind being fully attached and connected to the pressures of work," she says.

Breakfast presenter Jack Tame admitted he was among those who are constantly online, saying "it's just part of everyday life" - and Ms Carr said the younger "smartphone generation" has inherited this as well.

"Now it's not only the corporate career-focused person who is constantly on their phone - checking emails, checking reports ... but also teenagers and even young kids who are feeling this need, this anxious need to be fully connected," she said.

Ms Carr said parents should be mindful to make plans as a family and encourage their kids to pursue some down time.

Things like setting an out-of-office message on your work email, rather than putting yourself at the ready to respond at any time can also help with work life balance.

"Even when your boss or your colleagues see that pop through, it actually reiterates that concept for everybody ... we all should be changing those habits."

Research was commissioned on the issue by Choice Hotels to encourage Kiwis to plan a weekend away through their needabreak.com website.

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