Listeria scare: Spinach recalled following positive test

It was feared customers for the Nadia Lim co-founded My Food Bag meal delivery service may have been sent a batch of spinach which tested positive for listeria today.

My Food Bag Source: My Food Bag

The Ministry For Primary Industries (MPI) and Cambridge-based produce company Southern Fresh have recalled the batch of spinach following confirmation it tested positive for listeria monocytogenes.

"As a further precaution, Southern Fresh have made the decision to place all washed salad products in the marketplace on hold until testing confirms that it is 100 per cent safe to eat. These results are expected to be available on Friday in the afternoon at the earliest," Southern Fresh Group general manager Jeremy Dunn said.

Source: 1 NEWS

"It is important to note that there have been no notified cases of listeria illness from eating these salads. We are taking these precautionary steps to proactively protect our consumers," he said.

Yesterday, My Food Bag customers were told to discard baby spinach.

However, today My Food Bag said it has the "green light" on the baby spinach supplied to some customers earlier this week.

Further testing by the supplier Southern Fresh found the product was within food safety guidelines.

"The benefit of our direct supply model means that we can proactively alert our customers of any supplier recall. In the three years since launch this is the first time we’ve had to use this process," founder and co-CEO Cecilia Robinson said.

Mr Dunn said other lines including herbs and baby vegetables are unaffected by this issue and are available for dispatch as usual.