Listen: Backlash after radio station's cruel Tom Cruise prank on heartbroken Simon Barnett




The Edge DJs Dom Harvey, Jay-Jay Harvey and Clinton Randell are in the firing line after they tricked More FM's Simon Barnett into thinking he was interviewing long-time hero Tom Cruise, while he was in fact talking to an impersonator.

The stunt played out on More FM this morning, when Simon conducted a 15-minute interview with a man who he believed was Cruise.

In the days leading up to the interview, More FM had published extensive promotional material and Simon made no secret of the fact that he had long admired and idolised Cruise as one of his heroes.

After the interview, it became clear that the man was not in fact Cruise, and More FM's Samantha Baxter could be heard breaking down in tears and angrily saying saying "get a life!"

Simon managed to keep his cool, despite long periods of silence on the station as he, Gary McCormick and Sam came to grips with the fact they had been the victim of a cruel joke.

"That's just so uncool. That's super uncool," Simon said.

"That is truly disappointing. I was so stoked, and now my wife and kids are texting.

"That's to me what's wrong with the world, because if people think that's funny... That's actually not even funny - I mean, you'd never do that."

Numerous text messages of support were sent in to More FM following the prank and others have strongly criticised The Edge's conduct online.

Simon told Newshub in a statement that he was deeply humiliated by the prank, saying "at the time my overriding emotion was one of genuine embarrassment. I’ve always wanted to meet this guy".

The Edge has not commented about the backlash.

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