Lion's research suggesting booze has little relation to violence slammed by academics

Academics have slammed a report that weakens the link between alcohol and violence.

The report was funded by a major alcohol production company and involved just seven weeks of research. Source: 1 NEWS

The report was funded by booze company Lion and took just seven weeks of research, suggesting alcohol has little to do with violent behaviour.

"It's a report that's completely flawed and it shouldn't be informing policy on alcohol," Nicki Jackson from the University of Auckland said.

"[The] biggest concern is that this report is being used by the alcohol industry, it's getting into government circles to try and change the debate around alcohol harm reduction."

Dr Anne Fox, the author of the report, said in a statement "violent people were more likely to act violently in certain situations. But alcohol does not create violence in non-violent people".

She said her contract with Lion was written in the strictest possible terms, ensuring complete freedom.

Lion external relations director Sara Tucker said Dr Fox has published "a very clear study of a particular issue she's very clear that we need to look at a culture not just at alcohol".

The research was undertaken in New Zealand and Australia and studied 100 participants at several off licence and licensed establishments.

"It's just another attempt by the alcohol industry to try and create confusion and get in the way of good positive change in alcohol related harm," Ms Jackson said.

Lion argues the alcohol industry should be involved in more research.