Lines out the door at NZ's luckiest Lotto shop as Kiwis dream of $42 million win

The lines are out the door at New Zealand's luckiest Lotto shop in Hastings, as Kiwis dream of a $42 million windfall in this evening's draw.

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Unichem Stortford Lodge Hastings has sold a division one winner 49 times. Source: 1 NEWS

First division Lotto has been struck an astonishing 49 times at Unichem Stortford Lodge , racking up a total of $62,414,435 in Lotto winnings over all divisions.

1 NEWS spoke to some punters at the store hoping to get a slice of the luck.

"This is crazy, I wonder what they're making?" one lady said in reference to the booming ticket sales.

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The February 26 draw is one of the biggest Powerball jackpots ever. Source: 1 NEWS

"It's the most winning store in the country so hopefully I win to help support mum and dad a bit more," another man said.

However, a Lotto spokesperson reminded players a win can come from anywhere.

"It is important to note that winning can happen anywhere and anytime. We recently had a player from Central Otago win First Division Lotto with the first line of the first ticket they ever purchased."

ANZ financial advisor Craig Offwood has the following advice for anyone lucky enough to win big from a Lotto draw.

"We try and sit them down and encourage them not to tell too many people, park the majority of it for a few months on a deposit so it's earning something but they're not blowing through it, then create a plan around their goals."

Tonight's draw takes place on TVNZ1 around 8:20pm.