Where are the limits for 'sharenting'? Hilary Barry and Anika Moa argue it out with a little expert advice

Anika and Hilary have been researching where the limits are for "sharenting" – the term for when parents share images and and stories about their kids online

Anika is a self-confessed sharenter who thinks it is fun to post a warts-and-all view of parenting online while Hilary worries about how posts of children will affect the kids as adults so they needed some advice from an expert.

"If you're going to think about your digital footprint and your life online, think about it from how can I use this to benefit my family? To raise confident, happy, amazing young people,” the expert says.

"If that’s your filter every time you hit post then I think your kids and your family will be better off with social media but if your filter is what am I going to get the most likes for then that possibly won’t necessarily lead to a great outcome for your kids."

What’s an acceptable level of online post devoted to you kids? Source: Seven Sharp