Limited edition Banksy art to take centre stage at Auckland auction

If you're hunting for some top-quality art pieces, look no further.

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International Art Centre director Richard Thompson talks about the June 30 sale. Source: Breakfast

An art auction is set to take place tonight at the International Art Centre in the Auckland.

The auction will feature prints from Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso, as well as several limited edition pieces from acclaimed English street artist Banksy.

The collectible art sale offers a number of lower-priced works from highly sought-after artists in print and edition form.

International Art Centre director Richard Thompson said one of three Banksy pieces will include the Tesco tomato soup.

"Banksy had this idea that Andy Warhol's image of the Campbell's soup was just so expensive and so overpriced ... and he painted the Tesco version," he said.

"He's got a sort of a thing against corporates and he's got a real thing against Tesco so he thought, 'Right, I'm gunna make an image that will be affordable and sell them to the masses at 60 pounds each' in 2005."

The piece is expected to sell for more than $30,000 during the live auction at 6.30pm tonight.