Lime 'devastated' as Auckland Council decides to pull its e-scooters

Staff at Lime scooters are devastated after Auckland Council's decision to pull the e-scooters from the road next week.

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Lauren Mentjox, Lime's New Zealand public affairs manager said staff are still processing the news. Source: 1 NEWS

Wave e-scooters have also been dumped, while four other companies have been given six-month licences in their stead: Beam, Flamingo, Jump and Neuron.

"Everyone's devastated," Lauren Mentjox, Lime's New Zealand public affairs manager, told 1 NEWS.

"We're still coming to grips with the news and we'll be working through the process in the coming days."

The e-scooters' year in Auckland has been fraught with controversy. At one point they were pulled due to safety concerns, before eventually returning.

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The fluorescent green rides as well as Wave e-scooters will go, but other operators will continue. Source: 1 NEWS

Lime insists their scooters are safe, with Ms Mentjox saying they're confident they have "the best scooters in the market".

"We're all really sad about this. We've been in Auckland for a year, we've got a great market and we're really sad for our riders... and our staff."

Around 45 people work in Lime's Auckland warehouse but Ms Mentjox says it's too early to tell what will happen to them.

"We've been talking to staff today and communicating with the team. Everyone's very upset, it's still quite raw."

As for the scooters themselves? There are other markets for them, Ms Mentjox says.

"We work with other councils already and we are talking to Selwyn District Council.

"We would love to be back in Auckland, we're going to continue talking to the council to see what their expectations are and how we can meet those."

Auckland Transport CEO Shane Ellison says the trial period was a "learning process" and they'll be introducing some new enhancements to help safety.