'Like an earthquake' - New Plymouth resident describes moment tornado rips through neighbourhood

A resident from Kotare in New Plymouth has compared a tornado that ripped through his neighbourhood this morning to an "earthquake".

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One person was injured and taken to Taranaki Base Hospital. Source: 1 NEWS

Dave Mangan told 1 NEWS the tornado's path of destruction was around 20 metres wide, pulling roofs off houses and tearing down trees. He says it went through a residential neighbourhood and then over a golf course.

Eyewitness captures footage of destructive tornado

A house loses it's roof after a tornado rips through a New Plymouth suburb. Source: Supplied

He was in his house when it hit and said: "It was like an earthquake, the windows of the house were rocking."

He said another tornado passed through the area on a similar path four weeks ago.

Tree destroyed during tornado. Source: Supplied