Lift off! Watch as Rocket Lab successfully launch their Electron rocket



1 NEWS | Associated Press

New Zealand-based Rocket Lab has completed the launch of its Electron test rocket from the Mahia Peninsula this afternoon.

Today's successful launch follows the company's first in May last year where the rocket got to space but did not make it to orbit after safety officials had to kill the flight.

A planned launch was planned for yesterday but was scrapped after a "rogue" boat foiled plans.

Rocket Lab has official approval to conduct three test launches and sees an emerging market in delivering lots of small devices, some not much bigger than a smartphone, into low Earth orbit.

It is being called one of the greatest engineering feats in New Zealand history.
Source: 1 NEWS

The satellites would be used for everything from monitoring crops to providing internet service.

The company hopes to begin commercial launches next year and eventually launch one rocket every week

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