'Let's put politics aside' - Judith Collins extends olive branch to Government to help fix housing crisis

National's housing spokeswoman Judith Collins is extending a hand to the Government, offering her help to fix the housing crisis.

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National’s housing spokeswoman spoke after yesterday’s announcement on the KiwiBuild reset. Source: Breakfast

She told TVNZ 1's Breakfast today National and Labour should be working together as the biggest parties in New Zealand politics on the issue.

Earlier on Breakfast, Housing Minister Megan Woods spoke about yesterday's announcement of the KiwiBuild reset.

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The Housing Minister appeared on TVNZ 1’s Breakfast this morning. Source: Breakfast

The Government is axing it's ambitious target of building 100,000 houses within 10 year.

To counter that, new initiatives were announced, including reducing the deposit for first home buyers from 10 to five per cent, allowing friends and family to pool together their $10,000 KiwSaver HomeStart grants to buy a home and a rent-to-own scheme.

Yesterday Ms Collins was critical of the reset describing it as as "a damp squib", and calling it a retreat from the Government's "flashy" promises. 

But on Breakfast today she had a slightly different tune, saying the two biggest parties in Parliament should be working together to find a solution.

"I'm all for first home buyers, all for the market all for getting building done and I just think let's just put aside politics, let's just get it done, I can help you do it, that's what I'm saying to the Labour Party," she said.

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Megan Woods’ announcement comes after the scheme’s been marred with numerous issues. Source: 1 NEWS

"We [National] were always a minority Government, as are the current Government, that is why it was such a shame that Labour refused to do any work with my predecessor Nick Smith or Amy Adams in this area.

"That's why, for the last two years, I've offered an olive branch to the Labour Party to say "let's work together on RMA reform" because the two big parties in Parliament should be the parties that lead Government and therefore we should be more responsible than we've seen in the past.

Ms Collins said she wouldn't back away from that, adding "I know that's what needs to happen. Phil Twyford [former housing minister] knows that needs to happen".

However, when asked about the what she thought of yesterday's announcement she said she wanted to see more detail, especially on the rent-to-buy scheme which was a fan of.

"I would really like to see detail and I see we're not expected to get any until December - that's awfully close to election year," she said.

"It's a bit difficult to comment on a policy where it's just really a headline."

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1 NEWS’ Political editor says she understand the name “Kiwibuild” will stay. Source: Breakfast