'Let's keep moving New Zealand' - Aucklander paying local kids $100 each to mow berms

An inventive man has found a solution to a pesky problem on the streets of suburban Auckland.

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Berms are a small stretch of grass that's owned by the council, but it’s your responsibility to maintain. Source: Seven Sharp

If you have a house that fronts onto a road, you have a berm. That small stretch of grass that is owned by council but is your responsibility to maintain.

But not all berms are maintained equally and one Auckland man has decided that instead of whinging about those lacking in care, he's offering to do something about it.

Ricky Mozzesohn has been mowing most of his street’s berms for the past two or so years.

“It’s really about care and attention and like all good things in life it's about consistency,” he said.

But he is only one man. And so he jumped online and posted a radical idea - he wants to pay someone to clean up berms all over the North Shore.

“What I can tell you is I’d like to expand my influence, hopefully Northcote and one day all of New Zealand," Mozzesohn said. 

He says he’s offering local kids $100 each to “tidy up” the local berms, adding there are kids contacting him “left, right and centre on Facebook”.

He says it’s not about pointing the finger or blaming a particular group of berm-growing offenders.

“I think it’s about solutions – you know, let’s keep moving New Zealand and we’re going to move by mowing the berms.”