'Let's evolve already' - Kiwis voice their support for New Zealand to ditch non-biodegradable plastic

In the light of announcements overseas to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastic, 1 NEWS readers voiced their concerns in a recent poll about the amount of plastic being thrown away in New Zealand.

After France announced plans to ban all non-biodegradable plastic cups, utensils and plates in 2020, we asked our users if they think New Zealand should take similar steps.

The results of a 1 NEWS (unscientific) poll suggest an overwhelming number of Kiwis are keen for New Zealand to follow in France's footsteps, with more than 2,200 people voting yes and only 66 saying no to banning non-biodegradable plastic.

Readers shared their thoughts on a move to biodegradable plastic, many believing a necessary step to take. 

"Let's evolve already and ditch the plastic," said one comment on the 1 NEWS Facebook page.

Another Facebook user agreed New Zealand should ditch the non-biodegradable plastic saying Kiwi's are not representing our "clean green NZ" image.

In France where 4.7 billion plastic cups, cutlery and plates are tossed every year, plans to institute a ban has sparked threats of legal action by the packaging industry, but consumer pressure on businesses is a force to be reckoned with.

Environment Nick Minister said the moves overseas are exciting and could have more of a roll on effect in New Zealand.

"One of the most exciting ones for instance is using the waste products from the kiwifruit industry to create knives and forks that are recyclable and biodegradable - that is an important part of the future," he said. 

"There are hundreds of millions of meat trays that are used in our supermarket sector that used to be made of polystyrene ... that industry has moved over to a biodegradable product." 

France will ban plastic plates in 2020 to reduce burgeoning landfill waste. Source: 1 NEWS