'Let me tell you, sunshine' - Winston Peters calls Simon Bridges' Budget speech 'devoid of ideas'

The Deputy Prime Minister spoke today in parliament about Budget 2018, highlighting the recent boost to foreign affairs and reiterating the notion of a transformative economy. 

"The adaptive work will take longer than one Budget, but today a strong foundation has been laid," Winston Peters said. 

"There's much more work to do, and we look forward to fulfilling and continuing our role as a constructive force in the coalition to achieve positive change for our supporters and, indeed, for all New Zealanders."

Mr Peters also used his speech to criticise the Opposition, calling National Party leader Simon Bridges' speech "devoid of ideas, riddled with clichés, and speeches like that are why they created the word 'vacuous'". 

National MP Tim Macindoe at this point asked, "What's the current poll rating? Mr one per cent."

"Let me tell you, sunshine," Mr Peters replied. "I'm here after all these years because we know how to get a poll up, but not that failure, not that member there."

Mr Peters called Mr Bridges, "Mr Simon Slick Bridges", "Mr Simon Soundbite Bridges", "Mr Simon One-way Bridges", and "Mr Simon Short-term Bridges".

The speech came after Mr Bridges' speech on the government's Budget, which he said was based around "borrowing more, taxing more and spending more". 

"They are taxing, borrowing, spending when the economy and their books are the strongest we've seen in a generation," Mr Bridges said earlier today.

"Where's it going? A billion dollars for diplomats, not doctors. It's not 'let's do this', it's 'Winston made us do this'," Mr Bridges said.