Lesbian love story children's book called an 'abomination'


A second New Zealand children's book promoting same sex relationships is being described as "propaganda" and "an abomination to the Lord".

Chaz Harris' book Maiden Voyage tells the story of the love between two young female characters.
Source: 1 NEWS

'Maiden Voyage' tells the story of Ru, a fisherman's daughter who inherits a map from her father, and sets off on a voyage of discovery with a friend, who she then falls in love with.

The picture book has been written by Wellington based authors Chaz Harris, Adam Reynolds and Jamiee Poipoi.

It's the second book for Harris and Reynolds, who also wrote the gay love story, Promised Land last year.

Online reaction on the 1 NEWS Facebook page to 'Maiden Voyage' has been mixed with some describing the book as "a load of trash", "child abuse" and "trying to normalize something that's not normal".

"When 99 percent of us are straight, I don't see why Disney or Pixar or who ever needs to show or promote this. Let the kids figure it out and ask their own questions," one person says.

Other readers are more complementary about the book with one person saying it will mean their "daughter will grow into a caring respectful person to all. Unlike what I am seeing here."

Another person wrote: "how awesome, a definite step in the right direction towards educating children on the diverse world they live in."

Jaimee Poipoi says it's important for young people to feel included, that they have a place in the world and something they can relate to.

"If they can identify themselves within a story, that empowers them to be who they are and what they represent," Poipoi says.

Chaz Harris says there is a huge need for change in publishing to reflect and honour the lives of all young people.

"Without appealing directly to the public with funding campaigns like this, much-needed inclusive books like these that reflect the world around us don't get made."

"For instance, a study in 2012 found that less than 7.5% of children's books released that year included characters of colour," Harris told 1 NEWS.

'Maiden Voyage' needs almost $7000 more to reach its funding target of $40,000, which is being collected on Kickstarter.

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