Lego exhibition attracting fanatics young and old to Auckland Museum

Five tonnes of Lego never looked so good, particularly to the Higgins family, a father-son duo of Lego fanatics. 

The event is currently on display at Auckland Museum. Source: Seven Sharp

The Brickman Wonders of the Word exhibit, currently at Auckland Museum, has the famous little blocks at their spectacular best with displays including the Taj Mahal, Arc de Triomphe and even the Titanic, mid-sinking.

Dave and Josh were both captivated by the details on the Titanic in particular, details that included Leonardo DiCaprio.

"I like the way the lights glowed in the windows. And the people who are on the boats sailing away with jewels," Josh said.

"(Leonardo DiCaprio) Holding his Oscar at the back. Pretty neat touch," Dave said.

The Higgins family are not the only father and son to take in the exhibit together.

"To be honest it's probably verging on fifty fifty (children and adults), we have many enthusiasts coming through. I'd like to say closet Lego builders, but I don't think they're in the closet at all," Victoria Travers of Auckland War Memorial Museum said.