Lecretia Seales' widower praises Kiwis for poll showing support for doctor assisted euthanasia

Lecretia Seales' widower Matt Vickers is welcoming a ONE News Colmar Brunton Poll which shows the majority of New Zealanders want dying patients to be able to rely on their doctor for help to end their lives.

Just hours after her family learnt the outcome of a court hearing about her right to die at a time of her choosing, the Wellington lawyer died. Source: 1 NEWS

In the poll, 75 per cent of the 1000 voters questioned said they felt a patient should be able to request a doctor's assistance to end their life. Twenty-one per cent were against the suggestion, and five per cent were undecided.

Matt Vickers says Lecretia Seales' family is happy to see New Zealanders support her arguments in favour of doctor assisted death. Ms Seales, 42, a Wellington lawyer, died in June after battling brain cancer for four years.

"We're glad to see that New Zealanders agree that it is appropriate, respectful and compassionate, and we hope that Parliament does their job and achieves legislative change that the majority of New Zealanders clearly want."

A ONE News Colmar Brunton poll suggests doctors making decisions likely to quicken the death of terminal patients have public backing. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Vickers and his wife spent the last weeks of her life in court fighting for her doctor to be allowed to legally administer her a lethal dose of drugs.

"Through her High Court case, Lecretia hoped to raise awareness of the appropriateness of physician assisted dying legislation in some form," he says.

The debate about euthanasia was back in the headlines last week when the results of a study of General Practitioners was released, showing some had made decisions likely to hasten the death of their terminally ill patients.

The study was published in the New Zealand Medical Journal and asked 650 GPs about the last death they'd attended.