Lecretia Seales is 'courageous and beautiful' - support floods in for dying lawyer

Support is flooding in for terminally ill Wellington woman Lecretia Seales, who is fighting for the right to assisted suicide and appears close to death.

Lecretia Seales appeared at the high court in Wellington today to listen to lawyers argue for her right to choose when she dies. Source: 1 NEWS

Mrs Seales, 42, has an untreatable brain tumour, and went to the High Court to request a ruling to allow her doctor to assist her in dying.

A decision is due shortly.

Her husband, Matt Vickers, wrote on their blog on Saturday that Mrs Seales' paralysis had spread to her whole body and a hospital bed had been moved into the couple's home.

"Lecretia is not well. Her eyes are closed most of the time. She is having trouble swallowing. She is talking less and less," he wrote.

Their website has been flooded with comments from people expressing their support.

"Lecretia is strong beyond belief," wrote Bonnie. "And courageous. And beautiful. And so are all those who care for her. How inspirational is this life? Beyond words. Kia kaha to you all xxx."

"What an inspiring couple," said Tracy . "Yes Lecretia is incredibly brave but so are you. Your love and devotion is humbling."

The couple were both praised for bringing the issue of assisted suicide back into the public eye.

"I have no words, apart to say I am thinking of you both and praying for the best possible outcome," wrote Sarah Tinson.

Professor Paul Rishworth QCs argued in court that if society moved away from a blanket ban on assisted suicide, there would be vulnerable people who "avail themselves" for this option.