Will leaving your heating on save you money this winter?

As winter brings in plummeting temperatures around the country, Seven Sharp investigated the best way to keep your home warm without breaking the bank.

It comes as there's been conflicting advice out there this week - about the economic efficiency of leaving heat pumps and towel rails on all the time.

Energy expert Christian Hoerning busted the myth that it's cheaper to leave a heat pump on.

"When you're home use your heat pump to keep yourself warm. When you're leaving your home, to go to work, turn the heat pump off.

"If you keep on your heat pump on while at work you're heating an empty house and will be wasting your money," he advised.

The same goes for heated towel rails.

"If you want to cut your power bills then only run it when you need it.

"A heated towel rail costs about $170 per year to run if you leave it on all the time."

Check out some more home heating hacks in the video above.

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Energy expert Christian Hoerning has this hot advice. Source: Seven Sharp