Leadership programme aiming to get the best female minds into science

"Believe You Can" – Sir Peter Blake's last log in his diary has become the mantra for this year's Leadership Week.

The event is one of more than a 1000 taking place across New Zealand for the Sir Peter Blake Trust Leadership Week. Source: 1 NEWS

In Dunedin, 60 young women have been chosen from local schools to attend a science leadership event.

The aim is for female scientists to inspire a passion for science in the next generation.

Dr Karen Wilcox, Professor of Aeronautics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), says science and engineering is important for everyone, but there is not enough diversity in science programmes.

She says scientists will play an important part in solving the world’s problems and that will require teams of people who think outside the square.

"Really, if we’re going to make progress as a world on these problems, we need diversity, we need all those different attitudes and women have a really important role to play in that," she said.

The Sir Peter Blake Trust Leadership week will see more than a thousand events take place from Northland to Invercargill, including today's 'Girls in Science'.