'The law is too confusing' - Family First call for anti-smacking law review

New Zealand's Family First are calling for the 2007 anti-smacking law to be reviewed, as they say it is too confusing to parents, police and lawyers.

Family First have resubmitted an alternative bill that was rejected in 2009.

National Director Bob McCoskrie believes officials struggle to understand and apply parts of the legislation correctly.

"The law doesn't actually say don't smack your kids, it says don't smack your kids if you're going to correct bad behaviour, but if you're going to prevent bad behaviour it's okay" says Bob McCoskrie

"Parents can't understand that, prevention and correction."

The legal analysis on New Zealand’s law was commissioned by Family First. Source: Breakfast

Grab your umbrella! Heavy falls to start the week off

It's set to be damp Monday, with rain expected to dampen much of the country. 

MetService have issued a Severe Weather Warning for parts of central and upper North Island, and Marlborough. 

Thunderstorms are possible in Great Barrier Island, Coromandel Peninsula, Waikato from Morrinsville eastwards, Bay Of Plenty, Rotorua, Taupo and Tongariro National Park.

To check how region will fare, go to 1 NEWS' Weather Forecast. 

Breakfast weather reporter Matty McLean gives the overview of the rainy weather this week. Source: Breakfast


Housing 'ticking timebomb' for NZ elderly to be laid bare in Government report

The government will tomorrow lay out just how bad the housing crisis is in New Zealand with a new report, and 1 NEWS has some exclusive details on what has been found.

It is believed a new problem has been unearthed by researchers affecting housing for the elderly.

At present, 2000 extra elderly a year receive superannuation and accommodation benefit. 

Ms Bradford says the report shows compiled housing information to look at what the problem is. Source: Breakfast

"That's creating problems. Obviously one of the assumptions in the past was with super that people over 65 would be mortgage free for instance. Issues around that are creating huge problems and just adding to that housing shortage," 1 NEWS political reporter Katie Bradford says.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford ordered the housing stock take report at the end of last year, asking three researchers to go out and take a wide look at what's going on in housing in this country.

"The report doesn't contain solutions, or recommendations it's a map so to speak.

"It will show the government all the problems and they will be able to identify them. 

"Now it is up to the government to figure out how to get the right houses for the right people." 

1 NEWS has obtained exclusive details of a Government report on the Kiwi housing crisis due out tomorrow. Source: 1 NEWS

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