Latest KiwiBuild development revealed for Auckland, as poll shows Kiwis still back the concept

The latest KiwiBuild development has been revealed to 1 NEWS as the Government faces increasing pressure over its flagship housing programme, with a reset to be announced shortly.

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The latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll shows support for the programme despite high-profile setbacks. Source: 1 NEWS

But the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll, also revealed tonight, shows Kiwis are still backing the concept. 

Auckland's North Shore will see the latest KiwiBuild development with just over 100 new apartments set to be announced in the next couple of weeks.  

"I think what's the most exciting thing about this one is its location," said Shane Brealey of NZ Living. "It is really in a great location not far from the CBD."

Housing Minister Phil Twyford said the Government wants to provide houses that people want to live in, "at prices they can afford and places where they want to live".

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National’s Judith Collins has called on Housing Minister Phil Twyford to resign. Source: 1 NEWS

But KiwiBuild has had its problems, with slow results and criticism over affordability and the lack of means testing. 

The problems are so bad the Government is working on a total "reset", with the Housing Minister battling the latest criticism this morning.

"I want to give you one example," Mr Twyford said. "KiwiBuild's not a welfare scheme. It's as Kiwi as pavlova."

Asked if he is a minister under pressure, Mr Twyford replied, "I'm a Minister who's trying to do the job that's in front of me."

National's housing spokesperson, Judith Collins, says the Prime Minister should remove Mr Twyford.

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However, Jacinda Ardern and Phil Twyford have appeared to back away from the target in the wake of a KiwiBuild reset. Source: 1 NEWS

"I keep advising Jacinda Ardern that she should boot him out in the reshuffle so that she doesn't...,” Ms Collins said, ending the comment with a wink.

But while Mr Twyford's fate hangs in the balance, it seems most New Zealanders still back KiwiBuild 

The 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll asked, "Do you think the Government should continue with the KiwiBuild scheme?"

Sixty per cent said yes, the Government should keep going, while 34 per cent said no and five per cent didn't have an opinion.

The group of people who were more likely to support the continuation of KiwiBuild were Pacific peoples, Labour supporters and people aged between 18 and 29. 

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Restrictions around selling and the complicated procedures are getting in the way, says Shane Brealey of NZ Living. Source: 1 NEWS

Those who were more likely to oppose KiwiBuild continuing were National supporters, people living in Otago or Southland or those with annual household incomes of more than $150,000. 

As of today, 119 KiwiBuild homes have been completed and 88 of those have been sold.

The Government reset of the scheme will be revealed at the end of this month. And while developers say projects like the one on the North Shore wouldn't happen without Government backing, it's also agreed there's room for improvement.

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The majority of respondents expect the Government to fall short of its KiwiBuild target. Source: 1 NEWS

“There was an underestimation of how complex the construction and development sector is. It does take time,” Mr Brealey said. 

Mr Twyford said: “We're tackling those issues of infrastructure financing, planning reform, training up workers for the industry. We have to do all of those things and build affordable homes." 

They’re homes Kiwis are clearly keen to see on the market.