Last weekend of Fox River clean up brings out 200 volunteers

More than 200 volunteers have braved miserable conditions to tackle the last part of the Fox River clean up.

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Authorities now believe most of the rubbish from an old landfill site has been cleaned up army to after this weekend. Source: 1 NEWS

Efforts to restore the pristine waterway have been huge, after a storm in March exposed an old landfill and left a massive trail of trash.

Department of Conservation (DOC) Incident Controller Owen Gilmour says it’s the equivalent of 13,000 household rubbish bags.

DOC has led the charge, enlisting the help of the Defence Force and volunteers from around the country.

“We've had over 850 people who've donated over 3000 workdays to the clean up,” says Mr Gilmour.

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Flooding in March this year ripped apart the landfill beside the Fox River. Source: Seven Sharp

Volunteer Supervisor, Andy Warneford says the attitude of volunteers has been amazing.

"Rain, hail, sun, snow - quite literally - we came out one day and the riverbed was frozen solid, we literally couldn’t get our steel tools into it and the motivation levels, morale and enthusiasm has just been unbelievable really," he says.

While heavy rain stopped efforts this afternoon, volunteers will continue tomorrow, before officials return on Monday, when the operation will be decomissioned and effectively finished.