'A language from the South Pacific' - Moana stars say Te Reo Maori version has 'whole other level of authenticity'




Moana star's Temuera Morrison and Oscar Kightley shed tears last night during the premiere of the movie which has been re-dubbed in Te Reo Maori due to its "whole other level of authenticity".

Temuera Morrison and Oscar Knightley said the re-dubbed movie has a synergy because the characters are speaking te reo.
Source: Breakfast

The movie opens this week at theatres around the country in celebration of Maori Language Week. 

Speaking on TVNZ's Breakfast today Morrison and Kightley who both voiced characters in the animation hit said children were laughing hysterically at the Teo Reo Maori version last night. 

"Last night we were all at the premiere and just the reaction from the kids...we have got a generation now of a lot of our kids are learning te reo," Morrison said. 

Kightley said the "pictures and the sound go together amazingly" due to the character's South Pacific culture. 

"The characters are rooted in the south pacific, they have wide noses, they have funky feet, they've got brown skin and because this is a language from the South Pacific, the pictures and the sound go together amazingly," he said.

"It gives it a whole other level of authenticity that I don't think the other translations will have.

"There is a real synergy because they look like they would be be saying exactly these things as opposed to the...Disney American accent."

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