Land owners face tough clean up after Amberley tyre fire

The owners of North Canterbury land on which a mountain of tyres has been burning are facing a dire clean up.

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After the fire, all that remains of the tyre mountain is steel and smoke. Source: 1 NEWS

The 160,000 tyre pile in Amberley, which was allegedly set on fire by an arsonist, has been burning for almost a week.

Angelique Hyde manages the land, which had been leased to a recycling contractor. The contractor promised to shred the tyres - but never did.

"I've taken it on board to deal with it, and it's a big job, and I didn't need this to transpire," she told 1 NEWS.

It's been a battle for Hyde for years, but it's not the only tyre mountain in New Zealand.

"It's probably about the equivalent of 8 million passenger tyres a year that we wear out, and our recycling rate for them is probably 10 per cent," Marty Hoffart of Zero Waste Network said.

The issue is putting the fire out completely, with covering the pile with soil and clay the only option because of the high water table.

After years of preparation, she was about to start disposing of the tyres, with the help of Environment Canterbury, who are now back to oversee recovery.

The waste will eventually head to landfill at a cost of over a $1 million.