The lager loving Aucklander who's ended up in the national pinball finals

Novia Ng is a lager lover who accidentally stumbled across the national pinball championships, tonight she is one of the two female finalists. 

Novia Ng explains the old fashioned power of pinball to Tim Wilson. Source: Seven Sharp

Working in software by day and now a pinball whiz by night, Novia explains the day she started playing pinball for the first time since she was a kid.

"I grabbed an American pale ale, because I love pale ales, and with the beer they gave me two tokens to play pinball. They told me if you are the best person to play pinball in this pub, you'll get to go into a competition."

The next thing she knew her phone rung and it was someone calling about an interstate pinball compietition she had entered last year and forgot about. 

"Basically the person on the phone was like, we're calling about the interstate Pinball competition you entered last year. I'd already forgotten about it, but it took me a while to piece the pieces together. But once they did I was very excited."

Make no mistake, she's been practicing tonight for the finals.

"I've been spending a lot of time getting my score up on the pinball machine. I feel that's slightly more rewarding than getting a few hearts on Instagram."

And she's hoping she at least won't be last. 

"I'm very competitive but knowing my skill set versus other people, I'm happy to not suck."