'That lady tried to kill me' - Dashcam captures Otago driver's risky overtaking manoeuvre that nearly caused head-on smash

A Greymouth man says he cheated death yesterday morning when an oncoming motorist narrowly avoided crashing into him head-on while attempting to pass another vehicle. 

Dashcam footage from Jono Kerr's vehicle shows the moment an oncoming car performs a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre, narrowly missing a head-on collision.

"That lady tried to kill me," he told 1 NEWS.

The 27-year-old was driving between Cromwell and Alexandra, where he is working, however his travel at the time was not work-related.

He said it was a cold morning but not icy and visibility was good.

Kerr said he had purchased his dashcam following similar close calls in the area.

He said even when he's travelling at the 100km/h speed limit other drivers have attempted to pass in areas where he feels it is not safe.

"That section of road is very bad for locals.

"Take a little bit of care," he warned.

In a statement, police told 1 NEWS, "trying to ‘make up lost time’ by speeding and unsafe overtaking is a recipe for disaster, and it puts everyone using the road at risk".

"Wait to overtake until you get to a passing lane or can see plenty of clear road ahead of you to do it safely.

"Most roads in New Zealand have a single lane each way, and some provide ‘passing lanes’ at regular intervals. ‘Passing lanes’ should be used where possible when overtaking, please be patient until you reach them."