Lads' mag Zoo to stay on Countdown shelves amid fierce petition for it to be binned

Countdown supermarket is not budging in the face of an online petition calling for the removal of men's magazine Zoo from its shelves.

So far nearly 35,000 people have signed the petition launched by Australian women's rights advocate Laura Pintur.

A Countdown spokesperson told One News Now they are not considering cutting ties with the magazine "at this stage".

"Zoo is widely distributed by more than 1,000 retailers throughout New Zealand, including book stores, service stations and general stores," the spokesperson said.

"Countdown supermarkets sell less than a quarter of all Zoo magazines in New Zealand.

"Given the content, the magazine is positioned in the top right tier of the magazine stand in the aisle and is not placed at check outs. 

"At Countdown we do not stock any restricted-age publications."

Speaking in a video for the Guardian Australia, Ms Pintur said the magazine "normalised" unhealthy, sexist views about women.

"You want to pick the skankiest, loosest one of the lot, fetch her a drink and separate her from the flock. This is the advice lad's mag Zoo is providing for thousands of boys."

"This so called men's lifestyle magazine is so mainstream and so normalised that it's found in our biggest supermarkets".