Lack of houses for Hamilton's growing population highlights a 'New Zealand problem'

It’s New Zealand’s fourth largest city with a 170,000 residents, but Hamilton's struggling to keep up with population growth, according to the city's mayor.

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Mayor Paula Southgate shared some of the city’s future plans with TVNZ1’s Breakfast. Source: Breakfast

Paula Southgate told TVNZ1’s Breakfast the city is "only just" keeping with its population growth.

“Growing a city means you have to put down a lot of infrastructure to get those houses that we all need - that’s a New Zealand problem," says Ms Southgate. 

"No matter where you look house prises are on the rise, just as they are in Hamilton."

To ease the strain of a growing city, Ms Southgate shared plans of a big suburb to the south of the city. 

"We are building a really big suburb to the south of Hamilton and that will provide for 4000 plus homes," she says. 

But with more houses, comes a need for more infrastructure. Ms Southgates says that's the expensive part. 

"Infrastructure is the costly bit. It's water plants, its water treatment, it’s the roads the sewers all those kinds of things," she says.

"We have planned for it we do get a lot of money off the developers themselves."

But she says they do need Government to come to the table.

"Because it is very expensive," says Ms Southgate.