Labour's Greg O'Connor takes Ohariu seat, former stronghold of United Future's Peter Dunne




Labour's Greg O'Connor has won the electorate of Ohariu, the seat previously held by United Future's Peter Dunne for 33 years.

The former Police Association president is in a battle for the Ohariu electorate.
Source: 1 NEWS

The win by the former Police Association president comes after Mr Dunne stepped down from politics in late August with polls showing him trailing behind the Labour candidate.

The win signals the end of an era for United Future, as they have been used as a potential number by the major parties since MMP was introduced in 1996.

Most of the votes are now in, here's how it looks:

National 46.1%

Labour 35.7%

NZ First 7.5%

Greens 5.8%

TOP 2.2%

Maori 1.1%

ACT 0.5%

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