Labour's big win still sinking in for Jacinda Ardern

The Labour Party's big win is still sinking in for Jacinda Ardern as the party faithful celebrate in Auckland this evening.

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Ardern thanked supporters as they called out her name. Source: 1 NEWS

It's the first time under MMP a party has won the majority to govern alone.

"We were asking for a strong mandate and New Zealanders have delivered that," Ardern told 1 NEWS political reporter Jessica Mutch McKay.

John Campbell called the moment "history making".

"There are so many people calling out and cheering, they have just never had a night like this, this is unprecedented," Mutch McKay said from the Town Hall event.

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For the first time under MMP, a party has the majority to form a government. Source: 1 NEWS

Earlier, during her victory speech, Ardern said the party now has a mandate to accelerate, pledging to rebuild New Zealand stronger following the Covid-19 pandemic.

She acknowledged the campaign had not been a usual one in unusual times and the huge win over formally National strong electorates.

“We have seen that support in both urban areas and in rural areas and seats we may have hoped for but in those equally we may not have expected.

"Thank you to the many people who gave us their vote."

With over 96 per cent of the vote in, Labour has 49 per cent, giving them 64 seats.

National has just under 27 per cent, giving the party just 35 seats in Parliament.