Labour's Andrew Little admits he 'thought about' stepping down as leader in the interests of the party

Labour leader Andrew Little has raised the prospect of stepping down as leader of his party in the wake of tonight's disastrous 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll that has the party at its lowest level in more than 20 years.

"I'd be lying to you if I said I hadn't thought about that, in fact I've spoken to senior colleagues about that," Mr Little told 1 NEWS.

But Mr Little says after speaking to those colleagues his idea of stepping down wasn't accepted and he's been encouraged to stay on and fight as campaign leader.

Mr Little told 1 NEWS's Corin Dann: "I'd be lying if I said to you I hadn't thought about that". Source: 1 NEWS

"In the end my colleagues said we are in this fight together," he said.

"This is all of us in the Labour Party, we are in this fight together this is what Labour is about ... they said we want you in the fight."

Labour's latest poll slump comes after a fortnight in which the Greens have dominated the political agenda thanks to co-leader Metiria Turei's controversial benefit fraud admission.

Technically Labour and the Greens, with the support of New Zealand First could still form a Government on our poll numbers.

But Mr Little conceeds if Labour was stuck on 24 per cent it would be difficult.

For now he will be more focused simply on stemming the poll slide and assuring his supporters that Labour has time to get back in the fight.

"Have faith that Labour's plans are credible, are real. Have faith we will lift all New Zealanders," Mr Little says.

The 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll has Labour at its lowest level in more than two decades. Source: 1 NEWS

One dead after collision between two motorcycles at Wellsford

One person is dead after a crash involving two motorcycles on State Highway 1 at Wellsford, north of Auckland today.

St John Ambulance confirmed the death to 1 NEWS.

One other person is in a serious condition and another person has moderate injuries.

A section of the road is closed and diversions are in place.

Ambulance and a rescue helicopter are responding.

Police car Source: 1 NEWS


'The manic recycler' - NZ First's Ron Mark trying to keep waste out of the landfill

Mr Mark aims to only throw out one bag of rubbish every five months, and recycle the rest.

Mr Mark aims to only throw out one bag of rubbish every five months, and recycle the rest. Source: Q+A