Labour would 'look to progress' plans halted over last three years if re-elected without NZ First

Jacinda Ardern says if New Zealand First doesn't make it back into Government with Labour, her party would "look to progress" on some of its halted plans.

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The Labour Party leader says she's leaving his fate up to voters though. Source: 1 NEWS

Ardern was today asked about Labour's attempt to scrap the Three Strike Law, which as it stands means once an offender has had their third "strike" or sentenced for their third crime, the maximum sentence is handed down, unless it is considered unjust. 

In 2018, the Three Strikes Law did not go before Cabinet after New Zealand First indicated they would be unlikely to support a repeal

At the time, Justice Minister Andrew Little said NZ First did not want to see the repealing of Three Strikes as separate from a "broader programme of criminal justice reform".

"We've already said that our policy has been consistent, we've never supported Three Strikes so it's part of our policy to remove it," Ardern said today.

"There are things that we weren't able to progress in the last iteration of Government that as a Labour Party we would look to progress."

However, Ardern added that it was up to voters on whether or not New Zealand First leader Winston Peters would make it back into Parliament.

"I've never got into speculating around what might happen after the election with smaller parties," she said, refusing a yes or no answer when probed.

"Voters decide, not me."


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