Labour set to hit back at National's 'Let's Tax This' ad




The Labour Party are expected to hit back today against National's 'Let's Tax This' campaign, with a rebuttal advert of their own.

The ad campaign is a play on Labour's campaign theme: "Let’s do this".
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National’s new campaign is a play on Labour’s campaign motto 'Let’s Do This’.

Attacking the party over what it says is a lack of transparency over taxes.

National have suggested a Labour government could impose a least six new taxes to stall the economy.

Speaking in Nelson just a few hours after the National ad campaign was released yesterday, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said the National ad campaign was blatant "scaremongering".

"I will run an open, relentlessly positive campaign but they need to start running an honest one.

Ms Ardern also quickly dismissed suggestions her strong reaction to National's ad campaign was to do with last night's poll which had National 10 points ahead of Labour.

It only took Jacinda Ardern a few hours to angrily hit back at National's new ad campaign ridiculing Labour's tax policies.
Source: 1 NEWS

"It's to do with the ads, the ongoing lies the mis-truth and the desperation," she said.

"We've already ruled out a number of taxes that they [National] continue to claim we'll introduce.

"In the ad they released today they claimed we were increasing income tax. That is patently incorrect."

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