Labour promises to invest billions of dollars in health, education and families, rejecting National's proposed tax cuts


More teachers, nurses, houses and police are being promised by Labour in its alternative budget.

Andrew Little says the policy will lay the "foundations to support people".
Source: 1 NEWS

Leader Andrew Little has unveiled plans for big investments in services – that includes $8 billion more in health, $4 billion in education and $5 billion for families.

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Source: 1 NEWS

It'll be paid for by rejecting National's promised $400 million tax cuts and cracking down on housing speculators.

Labour also hopes to gain $200 million per year by forcing multinationals to pay more tax.

The changes come at the expense of tax cuts and debt repayments.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Little says the plans have been fully costed and vetted by economists BERL.

"Labour's Fiscal Plan meets all of our Budget Responsibility Rules," Mr Little says.

"It projects continued surpluses, debt down to 20 per cent of GDP within five years of taking office, resumed contributions to the New Zealand Superannuation Fund, stable spending as a share of the economy, and a fairer tax system including a crackdown on multinational tax avoidance."

Other Labour promises include doubling the refugee quota, three years free post-schools education and setting up an Affordable Housing Authority.

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