Labour Party President to 'consider' his position once review of sexual assault allegation against staffer complete

Labour Party President Nigel Haworth says he is not resigning over the party's handling of a sexual assault allegation against a Labour staffer - but will "consider" his position once the review into the process is complete.

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Nigel Haworth says he will reconsider his position after the review process is complete. Source: 1 NEWS

Details of the alleged sexual assault were published yesterday by The Spinoff - said to have occurred in February of 2018, with the complainant claiming the alleged perpetrator had significant influence and connections within the party.

The Prime Minister said she was "incredibly frustrated and deeply disappointed" at the way her party handled the investigation. 

Jacinda Ardern said Mr Haworth told her "he will do the right thing based on what the QC report tells us".

Ms Ardern said she went "directly to the Labour Party" again, asking if there were any claims of sexual assault after an email was sent to media in July detailing allegations.

"I was told 'no'."

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Jacinda Ardern expressed her concerns today during a post-Cabinet meeting press conference. Source: 1 NEWS

In the wake of the allegations a group that say they are Labour Party members - known as Me Too Labour - have called on the party's president Nigel Haworth to resign.

"I am not resigning," Mr Haworth told media today. "I am going to look at this, my situation as the process develops."

"We're going to do a review of this process and if I've been found at fault I will consider my position."

Initially, an investigation panel was set up by Labour's highest governing body, the NZ Council, earlier this year. A Queen's Counsel (QC) is now completing a report on the matter. 

When asked if he had misled the Prime Minister, Mr Haworth said they were looking at the process when "we've done the review".

"I am not talking about any details of these matters because they are still under appeal. I am bound by confidentiality, I cannot talk about any details of that process. 

"I am confident I have handled the process in a professional manner. I am going to look at my position at the end of this review process."

A statement released by Mr Haworth this afternoon said the "serious allegation of sexual assault ... was not provided to the President and Acting General Secretary at a meeting in the Wellington Central Library or subsequently to the Labour Party Investigation Panel".

"The most important thing that can happen now is for the QC led appeal process to run its course and reach a conclusion on these matters."

“We continue to encourage anyone with serious allegations like this to raise them with the police, and we extend our offer to provide any form of support that is required to help with doing so.”