Labour to overhaul campaign strategy - but expert says they have a weakness


Jacinda Ardern has confirmed The Labour Party will ditch their campaign slogan and overhaul their strategy after she took to job of leader yesterday.

Ms Ardern has confirmed they’ll be tearing down billboards and dumping their campaign slogan.
Source: 1 NEWS

The "A fresh approach" slogan is the first to go and a reboot will include new billboards - up to 5000 of them at $70 each.

"Logistically, printing, dispatching, getting them up - it is going to take a bit of time ... it could be a couple of weeks ," Ms Ardern said.

A planned first meeting with the Green Party has also been put on hold.

Labour cancelled the meeting and Ms Ardern said people will notice that her campaign focus will be on Labour's own policies and ideas.

"Tweny-four hours is a long time in politics ... just think what we can do in 54 days."

Professor of Political Marketing Jennifer Lees-Marchment says National should be very worried about Ms Ardern at the head of Labour - especially Bill English.

"He's definitely going to look old and stale next to Jacinda in those TV debates," Ms Lees-Marchment said.

However, Labour still has one weakness, Ms Lees-Marchment says, which National could be looking to capitalise on.

"The biggest weakness of Labour is that they aren't seen as capable of delivering their promises and changing leader can make them seem even less capable of good political management, of being able to run a government."

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